Revised Re-opening School Protocols And Procedures

Wednesday, 9 September, 2020

Download and complete the Indemnity Form

Entry to the School & Daily Procedures

  • Drop-off Times: These are between 7:15am and 7:45am – strictly no earlier. Please do not drop your children off earlier as we want to be able to properly observe social distancing regulations.
  • Absolutely NO pupils or staff allowed on the campus if they have symptoms of a cold or flu, are coughing and/or running a fever!
  • Persons that have been exposed to anyone showing Covid 19 symptoms or have come into contact with persons coming from areas where there is a high Covid 19 infection rate, must stay home and observe self-quarantine regulations!!
  • Cars will not be stopped from entering the school and passengers will not be temperature-checked and sanitized at the gate, as this would cause a major backlog on the roads outside, especially when the whole school comes back.  Pupils will have their temperatures checked and hands sanitized at the designated checkpoint.  Visitors to the office will have this done at the Administration entrance. Staff will be checked and sanitized at the entrance gate.  Anyone with a temperature recorded above 37.4°C will not be permitted further entry.  Infrared thermometers will be used to check temperatures.
  • Hand washing with soap and water by staff and pupils must also be encouraged throughout the day. 
  • All children will wear face masks to school. Each child must own three masks; one to be worn at school and washed afterwards; one to be worn whilst the other one is being washed; and one to be left with the teacher who will shut it away in case of an emergency during the school day. ALL masks must be named.
  • Parents may drive into the school to drop off their children but will not be permitted to escort their children to their classrooms. Parents are not permitted to congregate in the car parks or in the school grounds. They must remain in their cars.
  • Entry into the school premises will be denied for anyone who is not willing to comply with the above requirements.
  • Designated staggered times for each year group will be established.
  • Installation of physical distance markers has been completed along pathways into the school prior to the checkpoint stations.
  • At this stage there will be no sporting or cultural events or functions.
  • If anyone becomes unwell at school, that person will be separated immediately and put in sick bay until further assessment is carried out.
  • All pupils MUST BE COLLECTED by 1:30pm at the latest. We cannot supervise them effectively after that time.


  • Disinfection will be done daily by designated people (i.e. taps, doorknobs, surfaces, kettles, fridge door handles etc.)
  • Daily disinfection will also be done of all desks in the classrooms.
  • The computer keyboards will be sanitized at the beginning of each lesson.
  • Water containers with taps containing sanitizing liquid will be placed in strategic positions around the school.


  • Social distancing to be maintained at all times i.e. between desks in the classrooms, when pupils line up, and when leading anywhere. All desks have been sited in accordance with regulations.
  • Pupils should remain in the same classroom and limit moving around. To reduce the risk of cross-contamination, each pupil should have his/her own designated individual desk.
  • Desks will be set at 1 metre distance from each other or further apart where possible.
  • Desks will all face in the same direction, rather than facing each other. This will reduce transmission caused from virus-containing droplets from talking, coughing, and sneezing.
  • There will be no sharing of equipment or books or resources by learners.
  • Outdoor lessons will be encouraged when appropriate, feasible and reasonable.
  • Pupils to enter classrooms in single file, maintaining social distancing.


  • Classes will go to breaktime at staggered intervals so that social distancing can be practised in the playground. The teacher on duty is to monitor that social distancing is adhered to.
  • Each learner will be responsible for opening their own breaktime snack and for ensuring their lunch boxes and juice bottles are put back in their bag after break.
  • On returning to the classroom after break each learner and the teacher will sanitize their hands on entering the classroom.
  • Pupils to be outside during break (unless severe weather).
  • Sandpits will be sprayed daily with a bleach disinfectant.
  • Playground equipment either sprayed with disinfectant or washed down with soapy water.

Afternoon Activities

  • No afternoon sport, music or clubs until further notice.
  • Shared sports equipment to be disinfected after use. e.g. soccer balls etc. Coaching staff to take charge of and monitor this.

PE Lessons

Pupils may participate in non-contact PE lessons in the mornings. Coaches are to ensure social distancing is maintained at all times. The distancing must be continued in change rooms. Only a few pupils allowed in change rooms at a time. Hurry and change to avoid late arrival at next lesson. Coaches to monitor. 


There will be some staggering of the beginning and ending of lessons where possible, to avoid over-crowding in corridors and playgrounds.

School Office

Parents who need to visit the office should make an appointment in advance and attend at the stated time. Masks must be worn, and hands must be sanitized before entering the building.

Pupil Expectations

The pupils will at all times be required to uphold all procedures related to the prevention of the spread of Covid 19. Any pupil who does not conduct him/herself in a responsible manner will be barred from attending school.
If any pupil becomes unwell at school, they are to inform their teacher immediately.
There must be no physical contact of any sort with any other pupils.
No children can be within 1 metre of another child when out in the playground.

Indemnity Form

Under separate cover please find an indemnity form which will need to be signed and returned to the school office prior to your child’s return to school.

Further Changes/Modifications

This list of protocols and procedures is a work-in-progress and as more information and ideas come to light we reserve the right to add or delete as the circumstances may indicate.

For now, we intend to proceed with caution and fully trusting that we are doing the right thing for our children and our school community.

Take care and stay safe.