History of Twin Rivers

In 1991 the first parent meeting was held to establish the school.
In 1992 Twin Rivers opened at the Holy Trinity Hall in Eastlea.  We began with approximately 75 Grade One pupils, 3 Grade One teachers, a secretary-cum-bursar and Mrs Hilary Middleton who was our first headmistress.  The following year 3 pre-fab classrooms were erected and a new Grade One intake was taken in.  During this period land was secured in Avondale and a ‘Sports Day’ was held on our own ground in 1993.  The initial building of 8 classrooms was ready for occupation in January 1994 and together with the transference of the prefab block from Eastlea we began 1994 with 2 Grade One classes, 3 Grade Two’s,  3 Grade Three’s and a composite Grade Four/Five class.
Initially that first term was chaotic – access to the Grade Four/Five class was by wooden boards wide enough for one person at a time!  The mud, that wonderful black vlei mud, was ever-present with the rains.  The offices weren’t ready and so they were temporarily housed in the foyer of the big block.  The following year saw a new block of 4 classes and the removal yet again of the Grade One and Grade Two (both 2 streams).
In 1996 the Grade One’s moved again into new classrooms – fortunately the last move since then.  We reverted to 3 classes (streams) again in 1997 and currently have 7 years of pupils - some 550 children.
From holding sports events at Belgravia Sports Club for a few years whilst our grounds were developed, we now boast 2 sports fields, 4 tennis courts, 2 pools and a magnificently proportioned hall.
Mrs Middleton left us in 2004 and was succeeded by Mrs Blanche Davie as Headmistress.  Mrs Davie joined us in 1994 when we moved to Avondale.  Two of our original Grade One staff are still part of the family.
We offer a wonderfully stocked library, a large computer laboratory with 30 networked desktops,  a recently completed new block housing the music and art departments, and a very active Shona Department.  Each classroom, from Grade 0 through to Grade 7, has an electronic Team board interfaced to the teacher's laptop. In the sporting world we offer cricket, hockey, tennis, swimming, and netball.  On the cultural front we offer music, speech and drama, art, chess, needlework, cake icing and marimbas, environmental club and ballroom dancing.  We participate in all the Allied Arts festivals annually.