Wed, 17 July 2024

Remember that momentous day when you graduated from pencils to pens? It felt like a rite of passage—a tiny step toward adulthood. But why do our little learners earn these coveted "pen licenses" in junior school? Let's dive into the inkwell of wisdom:

1. Fine Motor Skills: Pens demand precision. As kids master their grip and control, they're ready for the pen. It's like leveling up in the handwriting game! 

2. Responsibility: A pen isn't just a writing tool; it's a pact. With great ink comes great responsibility! Kids learn to care for their pens, keep them capped, and—most importantly—avoid doodling on textbooks. 

3. Legibility Matters: Teachers want those essays and math solutions to be legible (no secret code, please!). Pens encourage neater handwriting, making it easier for everyone to decipher those brilliant ideas.

4. Confidence Boost:...