About Twin Rivers

Twin Rivers School first opened in Eastlea in 1992, and moved to its current premises in Avondale in 1994. The Junior School has expanded over the years, with building projects such as the magnificently proportioned School Hall/Administration block, the Sports Pavilion, two swimming pools with grandstand, and four all weather tennis courts, not to mention the development of our sports fields.  We also have two boreholes and a generator capable of running the entire school.  In 2010 we built the Nursery School which opened in 2011 with four Grade Zero classes and last year a new block of classrooms was built to house the Music and Art departments, and an additional 4 classrooms were built above the existing Grade 7 block,  enabling the Progressive Learning department to expand.
We currently have 614 pupils and a total of 98 teaching, administration and ground staff. Our teachers are well-qualified, experienced and dedicated, and we have a large number of student teachers and gap year employees under them.
Our children are well received into ATS secondary schools where they have proved themselves and many have excelled.
We offer a wonderfully stocked library, plus a computer laboratory, a music department, art department, progressive learning (remedial) classrooms, and a very active Shona department.  In the sporting world we play cricket, hockey, tennis, swimming, netball, cross-country and athletics, golf and tae-kwondo.  Cultural activities include music (solo singing, choir, marimbas, guitar, drumming, and piano), speech and drama, art, chess, needlework, cake icing, environmental club and dance sport.  Each year we participate actively in the Allied Arts festivals.

Our mission is to:

Provide a quality learning environment with a high standard of tuition and  sporting and recreational facilities for primary school children, thereby developing the child’s full potential.
Develop a well-balanced pupil with a high moral code of living, enabling them to interact with children of all races and religions.
Encourage young learners to value integrity, honesty and unity, as shown on our badge.
Encourage competitiveness, self-reliance, self-discipline, self-esteem and personal initiative alongside realistic goals.
Provide extension and remedial services for children with special needs.
Develop the child to be an asset to the community and society at large.
Provide a working environment for all staff that will encourage innovation, development, commitment, personal growth and self-esteem.


  1. In order to appreciate the brotherhood of man, the children will learn the cultures, customs and religions of all people.
  2. Children will come to appreciate the five basic human values of Truth, Right Action, Peace, Love and Self, focussed as essential to the development of character.
  3. Children will acquire necessary skills that will help them to experience the five human values.
  4. Children will experience the five stated values in dynamic and relevant ways so they can put them into daily practice
  5. Children will acquire decision-making skills, which will facilitate development of moral learning.
  6. Children will develop a sense of responsibility for the consequences of their actions and act with regard for the rights, life and dignity of all persons.
  7. Children will act consistently with the stated human values in thought, word and deed.
  8. Children will develop self-discipline and self-confidence necessary to promote the fulfilment of their potential.
  9. Children will develop a healthy attitude towards their environment.
  10. Children will develop the value skills needed for personal, family, community, national and world harmony.