Circular 2, Term 2, 2019

Tuesday, 14 May, 2019

Dear Parents

These are well underway and we look forward to an action-packed term.

Swimming in winter is hugely dependent on the heating of the swimming pool. In this regard we have taken the decision not to go to the vast extra expense of heating the pool given the soon to be introduced load shedding programme.

As fast as we will heat the pool it will cool down with a very unsatisfactory waste of money and a cold pool being the result. It is going to be expensive enough having to run the generator for what is likely to be many hours each week.

I am very keen that we do well in our swimming in the third term and don’t believe that this will impact negatively on our performance so long as all enthusiastic swimmers train over the August holidays and join swimming clubs if necessary. Those who weren’t that keen would have lost their fitness anyway over the school holidays!

The Kirsty Coventry Academy who would have been helping out with the swimming at the lower end particularly have offered reduced rates to our children who may wish to join them and we attach a letter from them to you.

Yours Faithfully


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