Final Circular Term 3 2019

Thursday, 5 December, 2019

Dear Parents

Last communique from me for 2019! We are almost there!

We have just had two amazing functions – the Prize-giving and Speech Night and the Leavers’ Dance.

The hall was magnificently decorated and the young ladies and gentlemen of Grade 7 certainly matched the occasion! They looked stunning and it could only leave parents wondering what has happened to their little boys and girls who are now so grown up.

Thank you and congratulations to the mums of the Head Boy and Head Girl and all the other Dance Committee members for their incredibly hard work organising this mammoth event. Thanks too to all the other grade 7 parents for their invaluable contributions to not only the dance and all the “trappings”, but also for helping the grade 7s supply each member of the support staff with lovely hampers for Christmas. It might interest you to know that all the left-over food was donated to the House Of Smiles orphanage where it was very gratefully received.

The Prize-giving evening went off really slickly; my thanks to all the staff involved. It was a most enjoyable evening with a packed hall. Your support of your children and your school was fantastic – thank you.

For those of you who were not there it gives me great pleasure to inform you of the Leadership for 2020.


Deputy Head Girl Panashe Muchandiona
Head Girl Natasha Chaniwa
Deputy Head Boy Abhiraj Singh
Head Boy Ethan Stuart

Deputy Misbah Marfani Daniella Mbidzo Pearl Tomu
Captain Jordan Mparadzi Kelly Mahati Asante Ali
Deputy Manasseh Ohizu Wayne Chiguvare Carlton Chapungu
Captain Bongani Dube Enosh Mandiya Amos Nyangu

The Grade 7s will all eventually have special ties and will all get a turn at being monitors throughout the year, thus letting leadership develop naturally and at its own pace. They will start the year in normal uniform until such time as ties have been made and purchased. They must not get rid of their old ones, as anyone letting the name of Twin Rivers down will be stripped of the privilege. We look forward to this being a very successful arrangement.

On a sad note we say goodbye to the following members of staff who have given faithful service to the school and to your children one way or the other. We wish them every success and happiness in their new endeavours.
Tyla and Glenn Goosen, Aabidah Omar, Shahida Morar, Jeni Yon and Julianne Seaman, our Secretary.

The following staff will be joining us in January and I know that they will have a positive impact on our school.
Azgar Karbelkar (Sport), Mufaro Manyimbiri (6E), Naadira Hassim (4E), Asher Antipas (1S), Desray Rowe (6N) and Bhavana Bhana as School Secretary. Simone Mafi will move from 6N to 7N.

Thank you greatly for your continued support and here’s wishing you happy and safe Christmas holidays.

Yours sincerely