Circular #5 Term 3 2020

Monday, 28 September, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians

I trust that you are all managing to find a way forward in the situation in which we find ourselves. On the home front it has been great having the grade 7s back with us for the last two weeks and we are feeling, at least, a semblance of normalcy. We cannot wait for the rest of the school to join us.

As it stands now the situation is this:-

  • 26th  October 2020, Grade 6 back at school.
  • 9th  Nov 2020 Grades 5,4,3,2,1  and Grade 0 back.

Our desire is that these returns will be brought forward but let’s see what happens.

Regarding the Grade 7s, let us all join in wishing them all the best as they write their Cambridge- exams in Maths, English and Science on the 5th, 6th. and 7th of October. This will be the first year that we will be writing Cambridge. Later in the term they will be writing the local ZIMSEC exams in Maths, English, Shona, Agriculture and General Paper.

Term Dates
It won’t have escaped all of you who are working hard with your children, that we have been at it now for nine weeks since 3rd term started on the 28th July. By Friday 9th October we will have done 11 weeks without a break with a long way until December still to go !

Mid Term Break (As indicated in Circular dated 7 August 2020)
School will be closed from Monday 12th October — Friday 23rd October.
School will reopen on Monday 26th October.

End of Term
As it stands now term will end for the whole school, barring Grade 7, on Thursday 3rd December (as per original Ministry of Education calendar). Grade 7s last day will be the last day of their ZIMSEC exams.

School Fees
With regard to school fees, we are all well into the 3rd term now and fees have been due for some time. Please ensure that all outstanding fees for terms 1, 2, and 3 are settled in full by Monday 26th October for all grades. Please contact the bursar's office and make settlements to avoid any embarrassment when trying to return to normal schooling.

Here’s trusting that your personal circumstances are improving all the time. Yours faithfully.